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Stray Rye Whiskey - Branding and label design

Stray Rye Whiskey is a line of rye whiskeys by Chicago's Almighty Spirits Distillery. The brand currently consists of an oak barreled rye and white (unaged) rye whiskey. As more batches mature, they plan to add more to the lineup.


The concept behind the brand is a vintage "snake-oil" with a nautical twist. The label itself was designed to resemble an old medicine label. The brand identity took on a vaguely nautical theme. The initials "SW" for Stray Whiskey lended themselves well to the cardinal directions of south and west. The icon itself is a stylized compass rose, while the logo/branding as a whole took on a vintage inspired look.


Click here to take a look at their website for a look at their full lineup.