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AbleBodied - Men's Bath and Body Products (Concept)

Ablebodied is a conceptual line of men's bath and body products I developed and designed in school. The name "Ablebodied" was chosen for it's masculine connotations, rooted in the old-fashioned call to action - "Every able-bodied man report for duty."


For the design/concept of Ablebodied, I drew inspiration from the woodworking process, and from various woods and grain patterns. Woodworking and carpentry are perceived as typically masculine activities, so I used that fact as the driving force behind the appearance and image of this men's bath and body brand.


Using the stages of the woodworking process as a metaphor for a man's bathroom routine, I used images of various wood types and grain patterns throughout the woodworking process to enforce the metaphor: stacked rough timbers for "STG1 Rough Cut," a wood surface with tool marks for "STG2 Shaped," and a finished wood surface for "STG3 Polished." The rigid structure of the typographic layout was also design to reflect the look of stacked lumber and reinforce the metaphor of masculinity and strength.


I designed three secondary symbols which work with the differing images of wood to reinforce the sub-divisions of the brands' product line.